Children of waves

Everybody has his own passion. Research, more matured understanding, rise of the passion play an important role on the way to see the people around, on the elementary respect and the way to live and to see the life. I advise this evolution to all of you.

Learn to live in communion with his passion, it is a way that I have start with determination since 2011, one year after the experience of my first Trance festival : Ozora. Each person live different when something went click in his mind, it seems so insignificant, so negligible but it can turn our life upside down on so much different levels.

I dream, my spirit and my heart full of utopia. I search my way in learning to respect the way of the people around me. I learn how to open myself to the life and my recent application in music ist my thanks. I want now, from the deepest part of my consciousness, to bring intensive emotions like the greatest artists have bring to me.

I wish that humanity is full of surprises, full of awareness, of creations, humor, love and universal respect.

Peace for everybody at the bewitching rate of music, in traveling in the end of our souls, in order to research the ideal way.

Photo By: Narkissos Photo






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