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Twillight - 2016
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Launch of the 8th album from the Urban Fury station, some intertwining melodies and captivating sustained rhythms, "Unstitch" prepares your mind for a confusing journey to the edge of perception. For the first time we are taking off from Bandcamp, I wish you all and all a great trip!

01 Disinformation
02 Voice of Angels
03 Who am I
04 Eclectic Reception ( ft.Sir Oz )
05 The Power of the Heart
06 Multiple Personality
07 Peaky Blinding

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Twillight - 2015
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At the raw beginning, there is an impulsion. From the smallest spark to the biggest supernovas, there is a start and a end, but the end of what?
It only depends on the scale. Let's play a game, the game of the exploration propelled by a 145bpm impulsions, Fasten your seat belt, your soul and your guts. We'll go higher and higher, faster and faster.

01 Connection Established
02 Mental Engine Launched
03 Polarization
04 Second Chance
05 Parameters Done
06 Confused Neurotransmitters
07 New Operative Perspective
08 Positive Madness

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Optimise Yourself

Optimise Yourself

Psybient - 2014
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Perceive your life like a pilgrimage interesting idea isn't it ?
I wish you a safe journey, safe trip or safe path, on any kind of way you are
let your soul escape in the depths of music and color !

01 Pangea
02 Meridian
03 Universal Size
04 Doors of Unification
05 Pilgrimage Symposium ft. Ptitom BSG

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Flying Quarantine

Flying Quarantine

Twillight Trance - 2014
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Welcome to the waves of this new EP transition back from the Boom Fest, where the union with nature and peoples were simply inspiring!

Put on your space suit and join the cruise on this brand new spaceship Enjoy!

01 - Boom Experience ( Original )
02 - Djane's whisper
03 - Morphing Logic
04 - Message From Space
05 - Bakara
06 - Absolute Equilibrium ( ft. Nassim Haramein )

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Quadron Obdema

Quadron Obdema

Twillight Trance - 2013
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After the successful take-off around the earth from the " Mystic Phenomena " album, I propose a new perception around the Milky Way galaxy. A new spaceship named "Quadron Obdema". The concept is simple, try to coalesce earth and space musical dimension into the same working place.
Thanx a lot to ParadoxStudio & AudioPhysics for their magical work connexion!

01 Initialise Protocol ( R'ha Movie )
02 Subversiv KeunL 175
03 Singular Operating System
04 Vicious Circle
05 Machine Migration
06 Virtous Circle ( Halo 4 OST Rmx )
07 RW Pills ( Akira OST Rmx)
08 Absolute Equilibrium ( Réup 2013 )

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Synchronized Perception

Synchronized Perception

Progressive - 2013
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Let's try a new experience with this LowBeat EP, "Synchronized Perception" gives us a new approach in musical composition, made of long and slow beat without integrating agressives kicks/bass

this EP open the door of international sharing, with a special thanks to the EKTOPLAZM musical
plateform for this concept emancipation.

01 Mainstream Disbandment
02 Hurricane
03 Shifted Paradigm ( Movie Clip HERE )
04 Quinton Plasma

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Mystic Fenomena

Mystic Fenomena

Progressive Trance - 2012
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Successful landing on a new planet! And there were found a lot of human tribes! Listen carefully as they try to tell you something... Mystic Fenomena is my second artist album. You'll find this one more progressive and more colorfull. Close your eyes and enjoy the travel all around this unknown planet!

01 Renewal
02 BeatAsc
03 Balanced interpretations
04 Ko3tic
05 Andromeda
06 Synchronicity
07 Synthesis Orchestra
08 Scalar boson
09 Global Energy
10 Cosmic Definition ( Devdas Remix )
11 Colorfull Experiencies

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Quantic Mothership

Quantic Mothership

Hard Trance - 2011
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Quantic Mothership constitute the first step of the UrbanFury project, the beginning of a long journey

For first , let's all gather up in this mothership. A clean matrix, whitout fears,dreads,prejudge or any kind of illusion our century,
of our world. This mental spaceship has been forged with all we have in common, it's a limitless space, inside what we will be able to talk with our inner conscience, share with ourselves and share all our singularities this journey will offer us the opportunity to  contemplate wonderfull landscapes of infinite expense while we will be transcending all kind of emotion excess.

Peace, Respect and Love are driving us in this spacecraft, which will take us to together in unity and bliss during this timeless odyssey

Welcome abord, you just took a sit in the quantic mothership.
the seating is unlimited, as is your opening of mind launching upcoming, are you ready for it ? FUUUUUSIIOOOONNNNNN

a special thaks to DARK NIGHT GLOW who designed that spaceship, which is tipically the kind of work that fits perfectly to my environnement (Thank you So much DNG! really massive and beautiful Mothership).

01 Borderline
02 Paranormal Universe
03 Discovering Something
04 Orgasmic Contemplation
05 Time Space Distortion
06 Tilt ( feat Koschka )
07 2CB Mothership
08 Fractal Environment

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Update 2010 to 2012

Update 2010 to 2012

Eklectronic - 2011
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UPDATE is made of all leads project before the generalisation of my mental work between 2010 and 2012.
Mastering is far from being perfect,  ut it seeems to me that is important to archive all the firsts spaceships acces plans to URABAN FURY mind

01 La Frise ( feat.Cheval De 3 )
02 Urban Fury  - The Yellow Book
03 Urban Fury  - Quantum Processor
04 Urban Fury - Omnipresence
05 Urban Fury - Thanatodrome
06 Urban Fury - Finest Receptivity
07 Urban Fury - Mutation

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Everybody has his own passion. Research, more matured understanding, rise of the passion play an important role on the way to see the people around, on the elementary respect and the way to live and to see the life. I advise this evolution to all of you...




Stone Moon 6
Chapdes Beaufort (63) , France
Ice World 3
Limousin, France
Pool Party - Illusion Sonore
Deux-Sèvres, France
Dordogne, France